Create your own collection of unique spirits

We were established to satisfy the desire to celebrate life accompanied by alcohols that have the status of works of art. For centuries, people have loved to surround themselves with unique, priceless objects, the possession of which evokes unique emotions, gives a sense of happiness, satisfaction and emphasizes the status and prestige of their holder. With each year the world of luxury spirits has more and more to offer for demanding consumers, collectors and investors. Based on our experience and collaboration with the best spirits producers in the world, we want to share our knowledge, assist in making the right choices in the selection of outstanding iconic products, and advise in creating private alcohol collections.

Welcome to the iconic world of alcohols.

Iconic Collectibles

We create new category of collectibles products, by joining fine spirits with different categories such as: facsimiles, art, jewelry, numismatic items, investment gold, watches, pens, others...


Iconic Spirits

Our new niche on the market – creating a new product category through finishing iconic spirits by our independent, experienced team.

We make perfect Spirits even better

ICONIC ART SPIRITS is an independent bottler. See our offer and buy the best spirits and iconic collectibles in our store. Find out what the art of finishing fine spirits is!

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