Authencity - Guarantee of the authenticity of the item you are buying


Authencity is the most technologically advanced app in the world. It is meant for the users of modern smartphones and serves to verify the authenticity of products. It bases on a unique cryptographic system and uses the unusual properties of the most modern cryptographic processor in the world. The processor constitutes the basis of the system.

The app provides a fully-aware user with security and guarantees that the purchased product is worth its price, authentic, and does not constitute a hazard to their health or life. Using the product, the buyer can feel safe and be certain of the quality and usefulness declared by the producer.

Authencity offers a number of benefits for the producers themselves. This solution protects their products against their illegal copying and introducing said copies onto the market. As such, it enables them to eliminate unfair competition from the market.

Authencity applies the newest cryptographic solutions basing on the OTP (One Time Pad) and elliptic curves. Contrary to other commonly-used methods, this kind of technology provides the user with maximal safety.

Authencity bases on patented cryptographic solutions, fully agreeable with the newest NSA (National Security Agency) recommendations. The entire system makes use of the functionality of the Crypt One processor, in full accordance with the global standards EAL4+ and ISO.