Located 1000m above sea level, the DYC Distillery doesn’t only distil spirits – it distils passion. The person responsible for its establishment in the mid-20th century was Nicomedes García who, during his numerous travels, discovered the traditional methods of whisky production and brought them back home. In Segovia, he used the knowledge gained abroad to launch the production of the first Spanish whisky.

In February 1959, when Whisky Distilleries SA were founded, consequently giving birth to the Whisky DYC, this kind of spirit was still exclusive for Ireland, Scotland, and America. The use of grain alcohol for human consumption was not allowed in Spain at that time. Nicomedes García, in love with the memories brought with him from Scotland, was determined to produce his own whiskey still, despite the obstacles. The first bottling began in 1963, when the spirit has properly matured and was deemed worthy of competing against the Scotch whiskey by the founder. He concluded that the only way to beat his competition was to produce a liquid of a better quality – something he no doubt succeeded in.

Palazuelos de Eresma - the region chosen for the establishment of the DYC distillery was not accidental. Its climate is similar to that of Scotland, providing the perfect conditions for whisky production. The fresh, spring water trickling in from the highest mountains ascertains the best quality of whisky. Paired with the best grains from Castilla y León, it creates the most perfect composition possible, made in accordance with nature. Sustainability and an equilibrium with nature are important elements of the DYC brand’s identity. As they owe a huge part of their success to the quality of the gifts bestowed to them by nature, they want to honour it in return. The distillery has been operating on self-produced energy since 2007, and was one of the idea givers for the reforestation action in the region in 2016.

The DYC brand has a very strong sense of identity. They manifest their belonging to the Spanish culture by a series of products they are particularly proud of – the limited edition of Colección Maestros Destiladores. It consists of DYC 12, aged in ex-Jerez casks and DYC 15, a tribute to the founder of the brand, with its bottle engraved with traditional Segovian symbols.