While the history of the Nestville Distillery goes back three centuries, it enjoys the title of one of the most modern grain distilleries in Central Europe. With the use of their advanced equipment, they produce up to 112 000 hl. of absolute alcohol every year. The Nestville Distillery perfectly balances their devotion to the rich tradition of the brand with the innovative approach bringing them their international fame and esteem. They believe it is not only their right to continue in the footsteps of their predecessors, but also an obligation they have sworn to fulfil.

The distillery itself is over a 100 years older than the oldest registered distillery in the United States. Located in Stara Lubovna in a town called Hlniezne in Slovakia, the first records mentioning its existence date back to the 18th century. The water in this region has been proven to have a mineral composition ideal for the production of whisky. Of course, Nestville Whisky owes its incredible flavour to the ageing process in oak barrels and by smoky malt, but the water is the key element – one that no other distillery can claim.

Within their offer, you can find Blended, Single Barrel, Single Malt, and Master Blender Whisky, all in a range of vintages and alcoholic strength by volume. Each product is one of a kind and offers a unique experience to every whisky lover who can appreciate a slowly sipped top-quality spirit.

In 2019, Nestville Whisky Master Blender 8 yo was announced “Brilliant Whisky” by Jim Murray, the author of the famous “Whisky Bible”. Their products have been awarded golden medals at the World Whisky Awards and China Wine and Whisky Awards.