The Penderyn Distillery was the one to bring the art of distilling in Wales back to life in the late 1990’s. It holds the title of the first whisky distillery in Wales established in over a century – and the best Welsh distillery in the modern day. Penderyn was established in 2000, back then under the name of Welsh Whisky Company. Its sales launched on St. David’s Day in 2004 in the presence of an honourable guest – HRH Prince Charles.

As Wales is famous for its gold, the aim of Penderyn quickly became to match the golden standards of its country. Its agenda was to only offer the best quality of the purest kind, represented by the brand’s ‘golden seam’. The malted barley spirit produced according to their original recipe is recognised as one of the finest single malt whiskies in the world. Penderyn is built on foundation focused around hard work, tradition, attention to detail, and top-quality ingredients. All of those elements combined create a blend that has been awarded several times and is famous in every corner of the world. They have recently expanded their cooperation to China, Australia, and Russia.

The location for the Penderyn Distillery was carefully chosen. Nestled on the southern tip of the Brecon Beacons, a mountain range in Wales, it enjoys the constant supply of fresh spring water. The ageing process involves two kinds of barrels – the spirit undergoes the initial maturation process out in the finest bourbon barrels, and is finished in Portuguese ex-Madeira casks. This provides the Penderyn Whisky with the best, unprecedented aroma, impossible to achieve by anyone else.

The distillery is the proud owner of a unique copper single-pot still designed by a relative to the famous scientist Michael Faraday, Dr David Faraday. It provides whisky with an extraordinary flavour and unparalleled strength. They mix tradition with innovation, implementing technology that allows them to produce top-quality spirit from a single still – contrary to Scottish and Irish distilleries requiring two or three-pot still systems.