Collectibles - Dictador Generations en Lalique

A fusion of art and alcohol-making. An overtaking of senses. A treat for both the eye and the palate, for body and soul. Dictador Generations en Lalique is a project of cooperation between two great Masters, Pioneers in their trade. The legendary Dictador Rum enclosed within a crystal decanter designed by Marc Larminaux, the Artistic and Creative Director of Lalique – the iconic French glass manufacturer. The design of the bottle draws from Dictador’s Caribbean roots, finding inspiration in the dynamic waves of the Caribbean Sea. The play of light through the amber contents of the transparent decanter pleases the eye while you sample the 1976 blend aged in American Oak and Porto casks.

The rum is a result of the first cooperation of father and son – Dario and Hernan Parra, the representatives of two generations in Dictador. The tasting notes of their masterpiece are smooth and subtle, with traces of leather and cocoa for the nose, hints of dark chocolate, fruit sweetness and earthiness of spices for the palate, and a dry, smoky finish that will leave you wanting more.

Dictador Generations en Lalique is truly a festivity of debuts: not only did father and son create a blend together, but it is also the first time when Lalique has designed a carafe for an exclusive rum brand. This project, therefore, marks the first case of cooperation between the most respected glass manufacturer in the world and a spirit brand in history. It seems fitting that the brand it has agreed to come into cooperation with also happens to be a world leader in its trade. Like calls to like, as they say. We couldn’t agree more.

The project is not only about debuts – it is also about records. Dictador Generations en Lalique currently holds the title of the most expensive rum bottle ever sold – having achieved the spectacular sum of £30 000 at a Sotheby’s auction upon its release in March 2021. Dictador is proud to add this extremely prestigious title to its growing list of achievements. The collection is a strictly limited edition of 300 uniquely designed crystal carafes filled with top-quality liquid treasure – a blend of Dictador’s 1976 vintages. Each bottle is engraved with its own unique number, ensuring its authenticity and highlighting just how one of a kind this piece of art is – inside and out.

To ensure further protection, as well as enable to showcase the decanter in a way it deserves, it is accompanied by a designer presentation case. Made of stainless steel with a tempered glass window in the front, it ensures top security of the vessel and the spirit inside it, at the same time further showcasing its undeniable beauty. Another safety measure comes in the form of a fingerprint technology, and the lighting under the bottle does wonders to bring out the best of the amber colour of the liquid.

To make the lucky owners of Dictador Generations en Lalique feel even more special, the set comes in an exclusive gift box, inspired by the hypnotic beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Make the best of the experience and enjoy every minute of unpacking this true treasure.

By owning a bottle of Dictador Generations en Lalique, you own a piece of history. There is not a single feature about it that would not be special – just like every moment of owning it, looking at it and sampling its contents, will be.

Dictador Generations Collectors Set

Limited edition to 300 sets, price 15 000,00 Euro. The collection includes:

DICTADOR GENERATIONS EN LALIQUE CRYSTAL. A strictly limited series of 300 uniquely designed crystal carafes, filled with a golden liquid treasure of remarkable, aged rum blended from a singular selection of 1976 vintages. A blend specially created by Hernan Parra, Dictador Master Blender together with his father Dario Parra. Aged in American Oak and Port casks, 43% ABV. International collectors, experts and investors of luxury spirits will recognise that this emotive, exquisite crystal carafe designed by Lalique for Dictador is as much a work of art as a vessel for fine rum. Each bottle is engraved with its unique number.

DICTADOR GENERATIONS EN LALIQUE GIFTBOX. Limited edition gift box, inspired by the magical beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Only 300 of such giftboxes are available worldwide.

DICTADOR GENERATIONS HANDCRAFTED STAINLESS STEEL SHOWCASE. The bottle is set within an exclusive presentation case made of stainless steel featuring a tempered glass viewing window on the front of the case. This showcase piece includes a fingerprint technology and includes under bottle lighting to highlight the deep amber of this product.

PENDRIVE. The package includes a digital file set that tells the story of this incredible partnership between the incomparable French crystal designers with the family of master blenders and distillers that create Colombia’s Dictador, pioneer of exclusive, exceptional aged rum.



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