Iconic Art Spirits

We make perfect Spirits even better

Unique alcohols has long since stopped being perceived solely as a consumer’s good. Many of them have gained the status of collectibles and in many cases, they have become an alternative form of investment. Iconic Art Spirits focuses its business activity around three sectors – each one developing its unique competences.

Collectibles Gallery

The product category of ‘fine spirits’, with the status of collectibles and alternative forms of investment, takes up a special spot in our hearts. We specialise in offering the most sought-after fine spirits, coming from the best-renowned producers of aged alcohol in the world. What distinguishes us from others is that we take an active part in creating and developing this product category. We do it through the innovative approach to the creation of collectors’ alcohols and their connection with other classes of products representing the category of collectibles and alternative forms of investment. The best example of our creation is the Iconic Columbus Treasure by Manuscriptum project. It is the first case of connecting an authorial blend of an amazing ‘finest spirit’ with a unique set of facsimile noted on the market.

Independent Bottler

At times, current norms and standards are unable to fulfil the consumers’ ever-changing requirements. For this reason exactly, our inborn curiosity and passion for creation have led us to establish the unordinary alcohol gallery, addressed to the most demanding of Clients. We are driven by the desire to convince everyone to sample our products, to experience unusual and spectacular sensations that will be branded in their minds forever. This is why, creating our "fine spirits gallery", we remain loyal to a few simple rules:

  • we cooperate solely with the world’s best aged alcohol producers, distinguished and awarded, who enjoy the highest esteem and are desired by connoisseurs, collectors, and investors.
  • we offer our products solely in the single cask formula, and only in limited editions, impossible to obtain on the regular market.

Iconic Spirits Finishing Art

What we are extremely proud of, what makes us stand out among others, defining the quality of our products, is the Iconic Spirits Finishing Art. It is our authorial method of providing our Clients with sensations which they had never had an opportunity to experience before. We modify the tasting notes in order to make the already-perfect products even more perfect. We achieve it through the method of ageing and finishing them in the best and most expensive casks belonging to renowned producers of the Fine Wines & Spirits category. This gives our alcohol a unique, unparalleled character, which nobody else has managed to obtain. We are incredibly satisfied to be the precursor of such an innovative method, and the only thing that could possibly limit our actions is our boundless imagination.

We are convinced that all of this makes our offer unique and special.

Authencity – the technology of product protection

The third area of our business activity resides within the technological sector. We are the idea-givers and creators of the Authencity app. Authencity is our authorial technological solution based on cryptographic technology. It marks a new standard in the safety of the global luxury products market. The innovative technology offers a 100% guarantee of purchasing an authentic, original product and protects the producers against the illegal copying and forgery of their products. Our main goal is to define a new standard of safety through Authencity and professionalise the luxury and collectors’ products market, especially within the modern distribution channels. The development of a complex technological solution was definitely a spectacular success for Iconic Art Spirits. It allowed the rum producer Dictador to present their Customers with the best-protected bottle of alcohol in the world. The event took place as a part of the Dictador 2 Masters project and their collaboration with an American Bourbon producer, Barton 1792.

We invite you to cooperate with us.

We dedicate our offer to private investors – enthusiasts, collectors, connoisseurs – as well as to corporations and businesses. We encourage everyone who, like us, believes that luxury alcohol can be a form of art, can become a symbol of luxury, to get in touch with us.